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FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 11:00am PST
with that infamious y ouinfamous res. fox news contributor and larry o'connor host of morning on the mall and drive at 5:00 in washington, d.c. great to see both of you. >> hi, gretchen. >> kirsten, is this a problem for hillary clinton, especially the image of the reset button with the russian foreign minister? >> i don't think so. i don't think it really has that much to do with president obama, so i don't know how it could have anything to do with hillary clinton. >> in what way? >> that was about the relationship between the united states and russia, not about russia and the ukraine. what's going on between russia and ukraine was really nothing to do with the united states. putin wasn't going to stand by and do nothing regardless of who the president of the united states was. we're seen other confliblgts when george bush was president and they went into georgia. it's specific to that area. they wouldn't have not done what they did because of hillary clinton and barack obama. can you critique the response to it. as for what caused it, i don't think it had anything to do with t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1